200 Ton Crane Topples Over

NAHETS places emphasis on being aware of significant events related to safety within the heavy equipment and construction industries. Monday night a 200-ton crane fell over at an Aventura Mall construction site in Miami.

Surprisingly, only one worker was injured, suffering a broken leg, which was caused when the crane hit the worker. Reporters say that if the crane had toppled to the front instead of to the side, the lives of at least 12 workers would have been at risk.

Inspectors from Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suggest mechanical issues caused the accident, but are not certain.

It is fortunate that only one worker was injured, considering the type of accident. Such an incident should drive any heavy equipment/construction company to further their campaign on safety. One worker is worth it. Although it was an accident, there is no room for neglect when it comes to equipment inspections, having a certified and qualified operator who knows the piece of equipment he/she is operating, and preparing beforehand should such an incident occur.

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, NAHETS, revolves around high standards and safety training. Students learn through classroom education, simulation, and first hand experience everything about the types of equipment they operate. Only professionals teach and train. With nationally certified instructors and graduates, the heavy equipment/construction industry is becoming safer, even if it is one operator, or one piece of equipment at a time!

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