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On the construction jobsite, productivity and safety depend on trained, qualified workers, particularly in the operation of heavy equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, excavators and cranes.

NAHETS, the North America Heavy Equipment Training Services, is a specialized resource organization dedicated to the training and certification of  heavy equipment and crane operators to ensure that your construction site is productive and your crew is skilled.


NAHETS offers four Operator Service Programs

NAHETS Training Curriculum – Tested in our member schools, the combined classroom and field instruction for individual pieces of equipment can be adapted for jobsite and contractor training purposes.

NAHETS Certification — Our Adaptive Equipment Proficiency Testing (ADEPT) program is a comprehensive and reliable assessment of the essential skills necessary for heavy equipment proficiency.

NAHETS Specialized Training and Certification – Our curriculum development team can design training and certification programs for specialized equipment and processes unique to your construction needs.

NAHETS Member Schools – Located in Northern California, Oklahoma and Georgia, NAHETS member schools are military approved and offer intensive training programs with certification in basic heavy equipment operation.

Adaptable equipment Proficiency testing (ADEPT) program, developed by NAHETS’ staff as part of the training curriculum in its member schools and through extensive analysis of actual jobsite experiences in the mining, construction, utility, and equipment manufacturing industries. Exam content and evaluation criteria also was shaped by direct assessment of reality-based best practices involving input from training directors, instructors, managers, supervisors, equipment operators and manufacturers.
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