A New Look for SCCC Crane Training Program

NAHETS member school, Southern California College of Construction (SCCC), recently enhanced its crane training program. Here is a statement from Campus President Henry Salgado . . .
With the high demand for certified, safety conscious, and well-rounded crane operators, we decided to revamp our current three week crane program to a six week program. Upon completion of our six week program, our operators will be prepared to take NCCCO small and large telescopic boom certifications, and they will also receive a Certificate of Achievement from The Crosby Group. Students will be trained in different rigging practices such as confined space movement and detaching rigging blocks for lifting purposes. Our purpose in expanding our crane program is to ensure that our Crane Operators are leaving with an even greater understanding of safety and proper operations for crane and rigging practices.
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  1. Richard Bailey

    Interested in your ad in our local newspaper for getting “CRANE TRAINED”. Location, length of time to complete, cost

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