The mission of NAHETS, the North America Heavy Equipment Training Services, is to provide industry, government agencies, member schools, and operators innovative and flexible heavy equipment training and certification solutions that exceed industry standards and ensure that certified operators are safe and effective.



NAHETS is a specialized resource organization dedicated to the training and certification of entry-level heavy equipment and crane operators to ensure that construction sites are productive and crews are skilled. We have an established record of training and certifying safe and effective entry-level operators.

We offer four operator services including:

  • Training Curriculum – outcomes based curriculum with classroom and field instruction for heavy equipment. Offered at schools or customized for job sites.
  • Certification – a nationally third-party certification through the Adaptive Equipment Proficiency Testing (ADEPT) program that is a fair, valid and reliable assessment of the essential skills heavy equipment operators and supporting staff need to be safe, efficient and meet industry and regulatory standards.
  • Specialized Training and Certification – custom training programs uniquely designed for industry organizations’ needs.
  • Member Schools – three military approved member schools offering training programs and certification in heavy equipment operation. Located in California, Oklahoma and Georgia.