Articles about Construction Injuries, Deaths Magnify Importance of Training

The following are headlines that deeply sadden us here at North America Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS):

Worker killed in excavator accident at construction site.

Tree falls off truck, kills construction worker.

Lightning injures seven construction workers.

Man injured in Maryville construction accident stable.

Kansas construction worker dies after accident.

Just about every day, we open up a newspaper or flip on the computer to peruse the internet and come across articles about construction workers being injured or killed on the job. It is a punch in the gut to us here at NAHETS, but it causes so much more pain to the loved ones of the individuals impacted. Unfortunately, most of the accidents probably could have been prevented.

6795881091_c4917c1f7b_zEach time we see an article like this, we wonder if everything was done to prevent the accident. And, as a prominent training heavy equipment training organization, we immediately wonder about what training had been provided prior to the unfortunate event. Proper and consistent training is proven to lessen the risk of catastrophic accidents.

NAHETS is proud to say that we offer high-level heavy equipment training programs which feature a strong emphasis on safety. We believe that this part of our training is the most important.

“There is absolutely nothing worse than for a supervisor or owner of a company to have to make a call to the family of a worker who has been injured or killed on the job,” says Jarad Van Wagoner, Director of Development for NAHETS. “Even though we aren’t involved in the accidents that we read about, we take each one personally and use the stories as inspiration to ensure that we are providing the best training possible and making a difference where we can. We want our clients and potential new clients to understand that once a worker completes a NAHETS training program they are ready to operate equipment in the safest and most efficient ways possible.”

NAHETS offers custom training options or Trainer Toolkits for companies that wish to implement a training program internally. Possibly the most important training that NAHETS offers is the Train-the-Trainer program. This system will train the internal members of company who are at management levels and responsible for training their co-workers. If the top level of a company is trained to be safe then there is a trickle-down effect to the rest of the work force — culture of safety can be cultivated.

Man in cardiac arrest after downtown construction injury.

Heavy construction in Texoma puts workers at risk.

Man airlifted from construction site with electrical burns.

Man hurt in S. Wichita industrial accident.

Let’s all do our part to prevent injuries on the job. Together we can make a difference.


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