Heavy Equipment Rodeo

Every two years Toronto, Canada hosts The National Heavy Equipment Show, the most recent just having ended on March 21-22, 2007. This year the show drew a record number in audience, exceeding 11,000 visitors. One of the prestigious events in the show is the Backhoe Rodeo. It’s been nearly 10 years, and Octavio Miranda still… Read more »

Accidents Plague Construction Industry

In the last few weeks numerous accidents have been reported involving construction sites and heavy equipment. Some have resulted in deaths, others in injuries, and fortunately some in neither. However, the concerns of safety and monetary costs are undoubtedly at threat in all incidents. In Darwin, Australia two families barely escaped injury and possible death… Read more »

Heavy Equipment Theft A Growing Problem

The Contractors Association of West Virginia is holding a seminar today as part of the 28th Annual West Virginia Equipment, Technology, and Design Exposition. Big deal, right? This happens every year. However, this year’s exposition will be holding a seminar on a topic previously not discussed: heavy equipment theft. The CAWV became aware of this… Read more »

200 Ton Crane Topples Over

NAHETS places emphasis on being aware of significant events related to safety within the heavy equipment and construction industries. Monday night a 200-ton crane fell over at an Aventura Mall construction site in Miami. Surprisingly, only one worker was injured, suffering a broken leg, which was caused when the crane hit the worker. Reporters say… Read more »