ENVIRONMENTALISTS AND BIG OIL NEED TO TALK Big oil is big because we made them that way,you,me them,us,him,her, all of us,we are big oil , our demand and their proprietary efficiency created big oil,but how else can we consume fourteen million barrels per day without big oil.Even when we complain about the high price at… Read more »

construction employment

Revised government data issued in early February shows the construction industry is contributing substantially to economic and employment growth in early 2013, according to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), Arlington, Va. Assciation officials say construction employment rose for the eighth consecutive month in January, while construction spending in December 2012… Read more »

November 20,2012

HOUSE PASSES BILL TO LIFT THE COLD WAR RESTRICTIONS ON RUSSIA Oh really,its about time , what were we afraid of . It is not like we have to worry about the russians taking over the world,they got their hands full as it is,and they figured out what those of us in the west already… Read more »

November 10,2012

SANDY ,SANDY, SANDY ……….who knew? I thought only hurricanes warranted a name, by the time Super Storm Sandy came ashore the wind speeds were 10 miles per hour below the threshold to be considered a hurricane but no one was prepared for 13 foot surges,the waves and the rain caught some of them off guard,… Read more »

October 27, 2012

UNITED STATES OIL PRODUCTION ON PACE TO SURPASS SAUDI ARABIA With new technologies and higher prices the U.S. output is going to surpass the Saudies sometime within the next two years,2012 is on pace to be the biggest one year increase since 1951, we have been averaging 7% increases over the last four years, the… Read more »