A private research group known as the Conference Board said that the consumer confidence went from 61.5 percent in January 2012 to 70.8 percent in February 2012. Their senior technical strategist stated thatin the last quarter of 2011 everyone was saying that a double dip recession was right around the corner.The DOW crossed the 13,000… Read more »

February 2012

According to industry insiders the construction employment payroll increased by 2 percent in 2011.The manufacturing industry shed 5,800,000 jobs between 1999 and 2009,recently that trend is starting to reverse itself.January 2012 saw an increase in manufacturing jobs by 50,000.After hiring only 237,000 in all of 2011 ,50,000 in one month is a big upswing. The… Read more »

Heavy Equipment

Washington D.C. Good news,good news,bad news, good news,two steps forward one step backwards.Their are signs that the economy is improving,and their are signs that we are still stuck in neutral.January 2012 unemployment figures went down for the third straight month.8.8 percent down to 8.5 percent even though that doesn,t seem like a lot each tenth… Read more »

Construction News

Economic Activity Advances in Thirty States in September 11/18/11 – The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia regional economic activity indexes advanced in 30 states in September from August. On a three-month moving average basis, 33 states showed improvement. Thirteen states declined in September, with the only notable concentration being in the South Atlantic division where… Read more »