Employees with heart

True Story. In May of 2004 an employer with 350 operators visited the school. He gathered all the students around him and asked which one of them would want to start work right when they graduated. All raised their hands. He then asked which ones would not mind starting out digging with a hand shovel… Read more »

AGC Annual Convention, San Antonio

Mike Martens, the NAHETS VP of Operations is planning to attend the AGC (Associated General Contractors of America) Convention in San Antonio, TX, on March 21-24. We at NAHETS are thrilled to be a part of AGC, and plan to network with AGC members to get the word out about our schools and the training… Read more »

New DVD’s and booklets

New DVD’s have been finalized and are awaiting distribution for our member heavy equipment operator schools and training, contacts and others. The new DVD kit with booklet highlights hundreds of hours of footage taken by NAHETS schools in order to present the exciting changes across our campuses. History of nahets and heavy equipment operator training… Read more »

Executive Decision Not to Undress Girl with Crane

Today as president of NAHETS, I informed my staff that NAHETS will not be involved any form of heavy equipment sensationalism. Recently someone from a major national TV network (or an affiliated group) contacted one of our NAHETS member schools, Nevada School of Construction, and requested information regarding the ability of our instructional staff in… Read more »