Can High Speed Trains Boost Economy?

Will heavy equipment operators get a boost from a high speed train project? A new study from the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG) shows that high-speed rail can boost our economy, save energy, curb pollution and provide a popular alternative to congested roads and airports. The report, A Track Record of Success: High-Speed Rail Around the World and Its Promise for America, details a number of examples that make a variety of cases for high-speed rail. Some benefits include: jobs: about 8,000 people were involved in construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link between the tunnel and London; development opportunities near stations: the amount of office space in the area around the rail station in city of Lyon, France has increased by 43%; reduced oil dependence: a typical trip between London and Paris via high-speed rail uses approximately a third less energy as a car or plane trip.

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