22 States Add Construction Related Jobs including DC

An economist for AGC states that 23 states added jobs during the month. Association personnel cautioned that construction job opportunites likely to remain spotty as long as broader economic growth remains relatively modest. They noted that increased regulations, stalled infrastructure investment programs and out of control entitlements were hurting growth. They encouraged the feds to… Read more »

Crane Accident Leaves One Dead in YAVAPAI COUNTY, AZ

A man died after he lost control of a crane he was driving,as it rolled down a hillside and flipped over. It took over six hours to right the crane and access the body. Officials say the accident is being investigated by jointly by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Federal Occupational Safety and Health Organization… Read more »

Housing Permits Update From Reed Construction Data

Reed Const Data says, "Housing market activity should be seen as flat for about two years — still waiting to break out of the bottom of the housing recession," "That is expected to happen this spring." The key driver is employment gains which have began to boost apartment permits. Home builders have cut back so… Read more »

Unemployment Needs a Super Hero

WOW! The U.S. job market is broken, and some government employees think it is a joke. How can we lift the spirits of the unemployed? According to Gary J. Earl, give them a super hero capes. Via the Associated Press, Florida officials are investigating an unemployment agency that spent public money to give 6,000 superhero… Read more »