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Featured Topics: Training is at the heart of everything; Lean margins may continue but proper training will always enhance the bottom line.

By Jarad Van Wagoner
Director of Development
National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services

Excavator-Close-Up_LR1It all starts with training—proper training

Everybody is very busy these days, and sometimes things can be overlooked. However, what we stress here at North America Heavy Equipment and Training Services (NAHETS) is to ensure that your company never, ever overlooks any aspect of how your employees—and your trainers—are trained. The old saying is, “You can’t construct a building without a foundation”. Those words, obviously, ring very true in our industry.

We have a quote of our own at NAHETS: “You can’t construct an employee training program without properly-trained trainers as your training foundation.” Anybody can say they are a trainer and attempt to assist fellow employees or team members in the best way to go about a particular job or task.

But how many people are truly qualified to be a trainer? Are the people in your organization that are doing the training qualified? Or could they be doing more harm than good in some areas? There is definitely a talent to being a good trainer, and at NAHETS, one of our most successful programs is our “Train the Trainer Program.” We will show your trainers exactly how to be the best trainers they can be which will, in turn, allow them to instruct and educate other employees to become much more effective and successful on your job sites.

Check out our Train the Trainer Program here: http://nahets.org/specialized-on-site-training/train-trainer-program/

Maximizing Results Through Training

Experts predict that even with an improving economy margins on construction jobs will continue to be very lean. The ability to maximize profits and get the most out of every job will be vitally important for companies moving forward. It is true that some contractors have seen a healthy uptick in activity in recent years, but margins have not kept pace. “Sometimes it seems like we’re competing against nonprofits,” said Steve Skinner, executive vice president and general manager at Skanska USA Building, Washington, D.C., in the Engineering News-Record.

In response to what could be a new normal contractors such as Skanska are adopting lean construction techniques on projects.

One of the best ways to be lean is to implement proper training at every level of a project. The fewer mistakes, the more profit. There are numerous companies implementing new strategies at every level. We urge them—and you—not to overlook proper training at every level of your company.

NAHETS is your source for top-of-the-line heavy equipment training, and we will be reporting back more news from the show. Thanks for reading and feel free to email questions or comments to jarad.vanwagoner@nahets.com.

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