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Featured Topics: Brand new Volvo Excavator that saves 9% fuel costs; Americans support more road projects; NAHETS offers ADEPT Training Certification

By Jarad Van Wagoner
Director of Development
National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services

EC380E crawler excavator by VolvoNew Volvo Construction Equipment Excavator to Offer 9% Fuel Savings
Volvo Construction Equipment will be launching a new excavator that will be turning heads and saving companies, potentially, hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size and scope of a project and/or projects. That’s great news in this day and age of rising fuel costs and razor thin margins.

According to EquipmentWorld.com writer Marcia Gruver Doyle, the new Tier 4 Final EC380EVolvo CE excavator, “takes full advantage of its ECO mode, which reduces on-demand flow and pressure loss in the hydraulic system. The ECO mode is designed to increase control for more precise performance in whatever work mode an operator puts the machine in: Idle, Fine, General or Heavy (the perennial U.S. operator favorite).  Following user pre-set preferences, if controls are inactive for set amount of time, the excavator will automatically reduce engine speed—or even shut down. A gauge in the cab shows operators both current and average fuel consumption.”
The new excavator will be released in December of 2014. For more details click HERE.

U.S. Citizens OK With Paying More Taxes for Increased Federal Transportation Funding

There is potential good news for construction companies and heavy equipment operators. A recent report released by AAA reveals that 68 percent of Americans want the federal government to invest more in roads, bridges and mass transit systems. Additionally, five percent of respondents said the federal government should invest less, while 24 percent want transportation spending levels to remain the same. The survey results also showed that 52 percent of respondents would pay higher gas taxes per month for better transportation infrastructure, while 41 percent would not be willing to pay more.

The citizen support could lead to future road projects that would translate into more business for construction companies and the need for more heavy equipment operators.

NAHETS Heavy Equipment ADEPT Certification is the answer

The NAHETS Heavy Equipment Certification testing and outcome-based assessment program was created to provide a third-party, reliable measurement of the essential skills that workers must have to demonstrate proficiency and capability in heavy equipment operations.

NAHETS’ADEPT (Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing) program uses a testing and certification process that uses an outcome-based assessment approach, which provides an objective evaluation which meets industry and regulatory standards and accurately measures knowledge and abilities, including:

— Basic operations, safety and maintenance
— Site layout, soils and practical math
— Blueprint reading and general construction knowledge
— Staging and set up
— Proper execution and accuracy in maintaining lines and depth

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Image courtesy of www.volvoce.com

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