Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Implement Train the Trainer Program

Implementing the North America Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS) “Train-the-Trainer” program could be the most important decision you ever make as a construction executive. We believe it will save your company money and improve the bottom line while making your operations run smoother.  And perhaps most importantly, we believe the “Train-the-Trainer” program will make your job sites much safer – competency might just save someone’s life. Pretty powerful stuff, for sure …

Trainer-small-310x390Nearly every on-the-job accident is preventable. One of best ways to ensure that a work place is safe is to instill a culture of safety. The best way to do that? Make sure that your supervisors, foremen, and crew chiefs embrace that culture and know exactly how to cultivate it. The “Train-the-Trainer” course offers an expert curriculum, taught by experienced trainers, and offers a certification upon completion. But the true end result is a highly-qualified trainer returns to his or her company with new knowledge and new ways to communicate and lead other employees. This all translates into more efficient and safer work sites.

“Sit back and consider the price of just one preventable accident,” says Jared McBride, a NAHETS executive who explains the many benefits of implementing such a curriculum to prospective companies. “There are financial costs, personnel costs, family costs, and so many devastating consequences that come along with an on-the-job accident. I think it’s a no-brainer to enroll your key management in our ‘Train-the-Trainer’ course at any price, especially since we offer it for only $800. If you’re not doing some of kind of training for the ‘teachers’ in your company, you’re just begging for an accident to occur.”

On a daily basis, McBride is working with companies who understand the importance of training. Recently companies such as Manhattan Road and Bridge, StarCon International, and Tri-state Industrial Group have sent trainers to the NAHETS Oklahoma campus to become certified trainers. In the near future, several more companies will be sending trainers to the two-day course. The following is the schedule for upcoming “Train the Trainer” courses:

Train the Trainer Dates

June 27-28
July 25-26
Aug 22-23
Sep 19-20
Oct 17-18
Nov 14-15

“Company executives believe our course fills a void in their company and provides a critical link between their managers and the guys in the hole,” says McBride. “The course turns experienced foremen into excellent trainers who can communicate to workers in a way that will ensure the proper results. The course also provides companies — and the newly-trained trainers — quantifiable methods to measure how their operators are performing.

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. Let our “Train-the-Trainer” course be the ounce of prevention for your company that will save you money and your employees and their families a lot of grief. Please contact us if you are interested in implementing our “Train-the-Trainer” course. You can send your management to our campus or we can also customize on-site training courses. Please don’t wait to call until it’s too late.


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