Heavy Equipment for Kids

You know how it is . . . you give your little ones some spaghetti and by the time they are finished with it, most of it is in their hair or on the ground, with sauce dumped all over their face. There is just something about kids playing with their food that seems to come inherently. It also seems natural for children to play with tractors, trucks, trains, etc. . .Well, how about putting them together? Two of a child’s favorite things mixed into one!

Take a look at “Constructive Eating Utensils.” Now your children can use a “dozer” to push mash potatoes onto their “front-loader spoon.” They can also extend their “forklift” to unload vegetables into their mouths.

Constructive Eating Utensils


Its about time that your children have a new way to play with their food (and maybe even eat it too). They are probably sick of using their hands, and the “airplane” technique is kind of overused. Who knows . . . someday they might even make a career out of it (NAHETS.com).

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