Heavy Equipment Trainer Toolkits Increase Safety and Profitability

Heavy equipment training expert Jared McBride refers to the North American Heavy Equipment Training Services Trainer ToolKits as “In-house training in a box.” Yes, that’s a pretty simple explanation, but it’s also very appropriate because the in-depth NAHETS Trainer ToolKits make the complicated subject of training simple and easy. Usually eyes glaze over for most people when merely discussing training let alone implementing an in-house training program. With the unique, affordable and easy-to-use Trainer Toolkits, NAHETS has revolutionized heavy equipment training.

TTK 3cAfter years of real-world experience, research and development, NAHETS has created a thorough line of Trainer ToolKits for specific heavy equipment including the wheel loader, backhoe, and excavator. Soon other ToolKits will be released covering overall safety, the motor grader, and the bulldozer. For each discipline, the NAHETS Trainer ToolKit is $495 but for a limited time they are being offered for only $250. Call us at (929) 322-3378 or email us at contact@nahets.com to get your copy today.

“Our goal is to ensure a company operates more safely and to improve a company’s bottom line at the same time,” says McBride. “If you’re a company that is very informal about training with very few procedures in place, the Trainer Toolkit is perfect because it offers a complete A to Z training course that crew chiefs and other company management will find very easy to implement at all levels. If you’re a company that already offers a solid training program the Trainer ToolKit is a perfect supplement to what you are doing and will mesh with your training and fill in any gaps in that program.”

Benefits of implementing the Trainer ToolKit program

— Decreased costs due to injury, accidents
— Decreased costs due to reduced insurance premiums
— Boosting of team member morale because of safer working environment (the company cares!)
— Quantifiable in-the-field assessments
— Highly-improved Cycle Time
— Reduced equipment repair costs due to improved maintenance
— Less employee, equipment down time
— Well trained teams mean quicker job completion times
— Improved bidding competitiveness due to decreased costs, improved execution times
— Trainers/team leaders more qualified to teach others, recognize deficiencies on job sites
— Etc.

“One of the most difficult tasks for crew chiefs and other management to perform is to consistently and fairly assess the skill levels of their operators,” says McBride. “Our Trainer ToolKits include quantifiable methods that will effectively determine which operators are performing at a high level and those who need additional training. The testing methods are very detailed and easy to follow, and will allow for spot checks. Each heavy equipment operator is different and the Trainer ToolKit testing will reveal the strength and weaknesses of everybody who is on the job. One operator may be great at trenching, but is lacking in his or her skills at setting up a site for an excavation. The opposite might be true for another operator. The Trainer ToolKit will help you every step of the way in the daunting evaluation process and make it a rewarding process for trainer and operator.”

Each heavy equipment Trainer ToolKit includes:

— Step-by-step implementation instructions
— About 50 PowerPoint slides
— A PDF of the PowerPoint presentation
— A question bank to build quizzes
— A final exam (40-60 Questions)
— Answer Key
— Three Field Exercises
— Field performance evaluation form (Preventative Maintenance is part of the field testing)
— Training record
— Printable and customizable certificate of completion

Companies can implement the Trainer ToolKit curriculum in short, intensive work-shops or print out one or two slides per week that can be shared during weekly meetings. Over time your team will become a certified, safer and more cohesive unit. The Trainer ToolKit curriculum can also be used to review safety, maintenance, and operational procedures following the training process. In addition, the Trainer ToolKit prepares operators and trainer for the overall NAHETS ADEPT certification process. NAHETS executives are available to visit companies and offer third-party verification that proper training procedures are in place. With an increase in safety awareness and training requirements by insurance carriers and other stakeholders, a third-party verification and certification is key to safe operations, operator effectiveness, and overall competitiveness.

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