Why heavy equipment training fails

Here at the North America Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS), we write a lot about all of the ways we can make training successful for construction companies. After all, we offer state-of-the-art Trainer Toolkits and hands-on programs that guarantee success. But we thought it might be interesting to offer up a few reasons why heavy equipment training can fail. Here are the top three reasons why training programs go bad.

TrainingSuccessFailureDrum roll, please.

1. Lack of a plan – This is a major reason why any training process is doomed from the start. Many companies believe that just because they know how to do what they do very well means that they can train new employees or existing employees without putting much thought into it. To implement a proper training program, a definitive plan needs to be created to ensure success. Company executives can’t just hope that proper training will happen without a set plan.

2. Lack of a goal – Another big reason why a heavy equipment training program may fail is that nobody defines the exact result that is desired. Does a company want new employees to work more safely? Does a company want a refresher on maintenance? Does a company want a complete overview? Without knowing the end goal it is very difficult to achieve a positive outcome.

3. Poor trainers – The Chinese philosopher Confucius had many sayings. A favorite is: “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.” When it comes to implementing a quality training program, trainers should remember these words of wisdom. A poor trainer, however, will not embrace these words and will merely ramble on about safety, maintenance, or other heavy equipment training topics. A wise trainer (and our Trainer Toolkits will make a trainer wise) will actively engage his or her trainees, insisting that they become involved and, therefore, “remember” and “understand” what they are being taught.

Trainers from the NAHETS will ensure that your company avoids all of the above reasons for failure. Our complete training programs, high-level trainers, and ADEPT certification process are set up so companies will achieve the highest level training possible. Thanks for reading and we hope we made you think a little bit about your training process.




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