Heavy Equipment Training at Any Level Helps Students Get “Leg Up”

High school teacher, George Wertz, in Deming, New Mexico, is providing inspiration to our executives here at the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services.

Wertz oversees the Construction Trades program at Deming High School’s Hofacket Campus and firmly believes that the construction and heavy equipment training he offers to his students will give them a huge head start when they hit the job market.

“Every student that goes through Construction 1 through 4 is certified OSHA,” Wertz recently told the Headlight Deming News. “They complete the 10-hour course. It’s not easy. That card is something they can take to potential employers. The whole goal is to try and give them a leg up. I want them to have an advantage in the job market.”

We couldn’t agree more.NewMexicoKidsFramers

The mission of NAHETS, the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services, is to provide industry, governmental agencies, member schools, and operators innovative and adaptable heavy equipment training and certification solutions that exceed industry standards and ensure that certified operators are safe and effective. Among other various training services, NAHETS operates three certified training schools which regularly graduate top-level heavy equipment operators. These qualified, efficient and safe operators then take that knowledge to real-world job sites where they make a significant, positive impact on any project.

The construction industry is expanding and the need for more, qualified operators and employees will continue to grow. Those who seek out education will rise to the top. Those able to experience a high school curriculum like the one in New Mexico are truly fortunate.

Wertz’ kids learn several trades and in his ninth grade class, students rotate through 13 sectors. The sectors include electrical, plumbing, framing, blueprint reading, and other skills. Students spend 10 days in each section, each with exposure to machinery, tools, materials and instruction in a safe environment. There are computers set up in a classroom on which students can learn how to operate heavy equipment like bulldozers, excavators, forklifts and cranes.

Successful learning begins with the building of a solid foundation. And those who continue to seek out training and additional education—such as that provided by NAHETS member schools—will prosper.

Way to go, Mr. Wertz!


Original story reported by Deming Headlight- Matt Robinson, “Construction Trades Class Prepares Students” on 1/26/2014

Image via: Deming Headlight

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