Historic G.W. Van Keppel Company Entrusts Safety Presentation to NAHETS Executive

VanKeppel Presentation_24Apr14Safety on the job site is, arguably, the number one concern for construction and equipment companies. So when a major and historic company like G.W. Van Keppel organizes a safety presentation as part of an open house, it’s safe to say that executives will ensure that whoever speaks on the subject of safety is a true expert. After consulting with Volvo, G.W. Von Keppel management selected North American Heavy Equipment and Training Services (NAHETS) executive Scotty Gecks to give the crucial presentation. They were extremely pleased with their decision.

To us here at NAHETS, it’s no surprise they looked to our own Scotty Gecks as the man they wanted to lead the safety presentation for the more than 130 people who attended. Gecks oversees training and assessment for NAHETS, and is a seasoned construction and heavy equipment trainer with years of experience and knowledge. Gecks not only knows the subject matter but he is a master trainer who understands that training is an art form that must be respected and continually fine-tuned.
Gecks is a wealth of knowledge at all levels of heavy equipment training and offered much wisdom during his presentation during the Keppel open house. Among the topics he covered were OSHA Requirements for heavy equipment operators, safe operations and safe practices, overhead power lines and power line contacts, safe excavations, and trenching and shoring. G.W. Van Keppel Company executives were ecstatic with the results of the presentation.

“The first thing we needed to do was come up with a theme for our open house, and we decided that safety was very important to contractors and governmental entities so once we made that decision, we reached out to Volvo for advice and ideas,” said Steven Phillips, Government Sales Manager for The G.W. Van Keppel Company. “They strongly urged us to contact North American Heavy Equipment Training Services, which we did, and we started corresponding with Scotty Gecks, who agreed to present to our group. His presentation was very good and it was obvious that he was very experienced and knowledgeable about the subject. We understood that it was a difficult task to present to so many people from a broad spectrum but he successfully covered a smorgasbord of safety issues for different equipment and situations, and we were very pleased. I can also say that we are very sure that we will be working with Scotty again in the future because of the quality job he did at our open house.”

The G.W. Van Keppel Company was founded in 1926 in Kansas City by G.W. Van Keppel and now operates in Texas, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. From its beginnings nearly 90 years ago, the company has grown into one of the leading providers of equipment and services for the construction, material- handling, trench safety, and quarry supply industries in the Midwest.

The open house also operated an “equipment rodeo” – a skills competition for backhoe operators to see who could bury three golf balls in a sand pit in the fastest time. Jared McBride, a NAHETS account executive with no previous backhoe experience, used tips from Gecks and won the event coming in with an official time of under 60 seconds.

As part of our dedication to work-place safety, NAHETS and Gecks offered the presentation at no cost as another way to ensure that we are making a positive impact on heavy equipment operators wherever and whenever possible. NAHETS is also committed to implementing the highest quality heavy equipment training available. We offer a wide spectrum of training services, each created and taught by seasoned and experience construction and heavy equipment operators. We design comprehensive training programs and provide qualified trainers who deeply understand effective education techniques.




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