Innovative CASE Alpha Heavy Equipment Series Offers Improved Skid Steer Operation

Mechanical controls for heavy equipment are old school. The fact is, most heavy equipment operators grew up on mechanical control technology, but the new school is here. The CASE Alpha Series of skid steer loaders features EZ-EH (electro hydraulic) controls which utilize electronics and hydraulics to control machine function. This allows for new and more intuitive ways to dial in skid steer performance to the preference of the operator.

CASE-SR210-Cab-Interior-500The EZ-EH technology offers a variety of benefits for construction companies and heavy equipment operators. Among the benefits are reduced operator fatigue, the ability to choose a specific operating pattern, and preset modes that allow for application versatility and convenience. All this adds up to a much more efficient use of time, energy and resources, and that — as you know — will dramatically impact the bottom line.

The EZ-EH minimizes operator fatigue because the EZ-EH joystick is connected to electronic circuits, thus, there is very little physical resistance. Operating the joystick is so easy it’s like playing a video game. CASE also offers new handles (an industry exclusive) that feature additional feel points. The feel points respond more precisely in response to the operator which makes completing fine operations, such as feathering, much easier with an improved result.

Another benefit of the EZ-EH controls is the operator can easily switch between CASE H-Pattern controls and ISO-style controls with the simple flip of a rocker switch. This increases productivity, accuracy and employee satisfaction by allowing operators to use the control pattern they are most comfortable with. As you know, some operators have a particular or accustomed pattern but the EZ-EH allows all users to feel comfortable.

The EZ-EH controls offer nine preset control settings — combinations of three for speed and three for control — which CASE research and customer clinics have shown will meet the needs of 85 percent of operators. This means operators can have certain preset control settings for their daily routine and easily switch back and forth among the settings as they move throughout the project. For example, an operator can complete pallet work for a few minutes on one setting and then quickly adjust the EZ-EH in order to complete a job that needs more precise controls. For the ultimate in control, CASE offers a custom option with the potential for 1,225 different combinations of speed and control settings. Check out more about CASE heavy equipment HERE.

At North America Heavy Equipment and Training Services (NAHETS), we continually offer the most cutting-edge training and can work with your company and/or new heavy equipment operators to bring them up to speed on emerging technologies. Never before in the history of heavy equipment has training been more important. Maximizing technology can save immense amounts of resources in time and money.

About CASE: CASE Construction Equipment is built on a foundation of innovation that dates back to the first threshing machines Jerome Increase Case (AEM Hall of Fame, 2008) built in 1842. The need for more advanced road construction equipment grew as the United States and the rest of the world became more modernized, and CASE responded with powerful engine-driven equipment such as motor graders and steamrollers. CASE has established itself today as a leading full-line construction equipment manufacturer. Witness here the evolution from humble beginnings in Racine, Wis. to the global force that CASE is today.

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