Input From Around the World Makes Volvo Backhoe Powerful, Special

The Volvo Construction Equipment research and development team have drawn on more than 180 years of experience and used input from global operators to create some of the top heavy equipment in the industry. The Volvo CE line of backhoes is no different.

Volvo_BL60B_backhoe_backhoeloader_efficiently_handle_multiple_applications_from_loading_and_material_handling_to_trenchingThe Volvo CE line of backhoes lives up to the company tagline of “A better way to dig”, by delivering a backhoe “with the power and performance of a Volvo excavator, an operator’s station that will envelop the operator in comfort, and serviceability features that will ensure a long and productive machine life.”

The BL 60B and BL 70B backhoes feature high horsepower and plenty of digging capability. Specs on the line range from net power of 91 hp – 101 hp, operating weight from 15,587 – 22,046 lbs (min to max), and 1.0 cu/yd of bucket capacity.

Customers remarked on the quality, durability and dig-ability of the product when it is in use in the field. “I like the breakout power on the Volvo backhoes,” said Neal Tanner, Project Manager, Accent Landscape Contractors, Albuquerque, NM. “I like the all-around strength of the hydraulics. The hydraulics are responsive and they’re fast. Like when you’re loading something, you can start lifting and moving forward at the same time – when you get there the bucket will be up there, not to worry! And I like the push-button to control forward and backward motion. That control is all on the joystick for the front loader boom. You don’t have to take your hand off the stick.”

The new Volvo Tier 4 compliant engine also allows for much better efficiencies without losing any performance. The 3.8l engine cuts emissions and boasts outstanding power and up to 25% better fuel-efficiency than earlier models. The new models also feature a much higher cooling capacity than previous equipment which means the machines can work in higher ambient temperatures while producing significantly less engine noise. Check out more about the Volvo line of backhoes HERE.

As with any Volvo product, North America Heavy Equipment Training Services can provide high-level training for the backhoe line. While it is important to offer the best and most technologically advanced heavy equipment, it is also vitally important to have trained operators on the equipment. Without a skilled operator in the driver seat, the technology and state-of-the-art improvements will not be best utilized. We are here to help so feel free to contact us for a consultation about how we can help your company.

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