The John Deere 764 HSD High Speed Dozer Is the Ultimate Finisher

The John Deere 764 HSD High Speed Dozer grades up to twice as quickly as a traditional dozer. That means jobs are done twice as quickly, major cost savings are enjoyed, and uptime is maximized.  This maximization and efficiency means less chance of breakdown, malfunctions or injury, among other advantages that occur when this piece of heavy equipment machinery is utilized on a job site.

JD517877_CE_642x462But, does having such a fast machine make it more difficult to operate? John Deere executives boast that the 764 HSD offers the best of both worlds: “This one-of-a-kind machine finish-grades and dozes up to twice as fast as a traditional crawler. An articulated-frame steering and purpose-built, four-track oscillating undercarriage makes it highly maneuverable. Long-life rubber tracks enable it to traverse hard surfaces such as concrete without damage. And travel to the next task at speeds up to 16 mph. It’s the quickest way to a job-ready, grade control-equipped dozer.”

As always, we here at North America Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS) stand ready to help your team become trained and ready to utilize state-of-the-art equipment whether it is a John Deere or other piece of equipment. Safety is our top priority at NAHETS and we have a variety of training programs that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively.

The John Deere 764 HSD is powered by PowerTech™ Plus, the most advanced engine technology. PowerTech™ Plus engines have a four-valve cylinder head, full-authority electronic controls, variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) which provide maximum performance while being maximizing fuel economy. The engine produces variable power of up to 210 hp at a low 1,800 rpm. Click HERE for more info about the John Deere 764 HSD.

Key features of the John Deere 764 HSD include:

— Rubber tracks allow for crossing hard surfaces unassisted and reduce ground disturbances on a finish grade.
— Best-in-class front visibility enhances operator productivity.
— Best-in-class cab comfort at a whisper quiet 72 dBa and with an air-suspension seat.
— Standard Category 4 drawbar and selective-control hydraulics for pulling rear implements increases machine utilization.

Feel free to call us at NAHETS to get started on your company’s training program. We offer turnkey heavy equipment solutions in addition to customized training programs. At NAHETS, we also continually stay up to speed on new technology and are your heavy equipment experts.



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