John Deere and Trimble Loadrite Create Next Level Technology for Loaders

Everything we do here at North American Heavy Equipment and Training Services (NAHETS) is geared towards helping construction and heavy equipment operators maximize performance. Because of that dedication to performance, we like to single out other construction and heavy equipment companies who also share our desire to continually improve and get better every day.

Today we take a look at our friends at John Deere who have announced the integration of the LOADRITE™ L2180 payload scale for John Deere four-wheel-drive loaders with the JDLink™ Ultimate telematics system – part of the John Deere WorkSight suite of business optimization solutions. The scale integration with JDLink gives quarry and aggregate equipment operators instant access to production information in real time through their JDLink Ultimate online interface. JDLink Ultimate enables remote analysis of this production information to help increase loading efficiency and track material movement for improved profitability. 844K

The integration is now available on all 444k-844k models of John Deere four-wheel-drive loaders. The company also announced that all Z-Bar and High-Lift K- Series Loaders shipped by John Deere will be pre-wired for simple installation of the LOADRITE L2180 system.

“John Deere WorkSight turns data into solutions to optimize machines, uptime, and customers’ jobsites,” said Liz Quinn, product marketing manager, John Deere WorkSight, in a statement. “Utilizing JDLink telematics, we’re able to bring LOADRITE L2180 for John Deere payload reports straight to the quarry manager in the office, giving the customer more visibility to operations; which is incredibly valuable for making quick adjustments to cycle times or watching production trends over time.”

The integration of the technology means pin-point tracking for information such as total bucket loads, trucks loaded, and totals by material in addition to other data. The system has a separate monitor in the cab plus an optional printer is available which will allow for the outputting of load tickets or end-of-shift reports in the field.

Easy access to this vital information will allow managers in the field to optimize loading performance on a daily—and hourly—basis. That translates to better job sites and more profitability.

“The collaboration between Trimble Loadrite and John Deere reinforces our commitment to serving machinery manufacturers and their customers with the tools to maximize loader utilization,” said Johan Smet, general manager of Trimble Loadrite, in a statement. “This recognizes Loadrite as the market leading scale provider across a wide range of machine sizes, brands and uses in construction, mining or aggregate sectors.”

NAHETS applauds the transparency this technology provides the industry.  A clear view of operations allows managers to make timely and correct decisions to maximize efficiency.

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