Motocross Rider Takes Precaution After Bulldozer Crash

waznyWhen Jim Wazny makes the 2,000-mile drive to Los Angeles to compete in the X Games later this month, he’s hoping for one thing: a good leg to stand on.

For Wazny, a 38-year-old motocross rider from Merrill, that’s never a given. He’s competed with one good leg for the last nine years, after a collision between his motorcycle and a bulldozer forced him to have his left leg amputated below the knee in 2000. We are unsure of the specifications of the bulldozer.

So after getting back on his bike once again in September, Wazny has taken a new approach to his training. “I’m practicing and training, but I’m being as careful as possible,” Wazny said. “I’m taking extra care to make sure I’ll be good until July 31st.”

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