NAHETS Can Bring Perfected Heavy Equipment Training to Your Jobsite

Over the years, North America Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS) has earned a terrific reputation as being a leader in the heavy equipment training industry, and rightly so. However, most who know about NAHETS may think we only offer classroom training. The fact is our high-quality training is completely mobile. We can create our training programs on your job site and ensure that each and every one of your workers is performing at maximum ability and safety.

Crane“Our in-the-field training is very successful and popular, and allows our seasoned trainers to work with a company’s employees in their environment which is a huge advantage during the training process,” says Jarad Van Wagoner, NAHETS Director of Development. “Taking the training into the field offers so many benefits that it’s difficult to list them all, but it saves on the expense of travel and the logistics of coordinating an off-site training session, plus it creates an excellent learning environment. What we have also found to be very successful on a jobsite is our Train-the-Trainer program where we instill supervisors and other designated employees with the art of training so they can offer proper assistance and training on an ongoing basis to company employees. Too many times we see companies designate unqualified employees as trainers without providing them the proper tools to be successful. It creates a no-win situation for all involved, but our training will prevent that and turn it into a win-win situation.”

In the field, our mobile trainers will develop operator training and certification programs for a company’s specialized equipment. They will also customize special training programs to a company’s specific needs to ensure that what is taught is exactly what is needed and expected. Training and certification are proven to increase on-time performance, enhance safety, reduce risk and improve your bottom line.

Among the programs and areas our mobile trainers can offer include ADEPT Certifications, Train-the-Trainer programs, On-Site Standard Heavy Equipment Training, Operator Assessments, and Specialized Equipment Training. The ADEPT (Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing) program uses a testing and certification process that uses an outcome-based assessment approach, which provides an objective evaluation that meets industry and regulatory standards and accurately measures knowledge and ability of all employees.

All NAHETS standard heavy equipment training programs begin with an introduction to essential concepts of the jobsite, including an understanding of how the equipment functions in different physical environments. The training sessions also include actual hands-on operation of the basic heavy metal machines where instructors stress proper procedure, operations, equipment mechanics and safety awareness. Upon completion, your team of employees will be motivated and ready to achieve excellence.

Call or email us now to get started on planning your company’s on-the-job heavy equipment training and certification. We’re ready to dig and help make your company the best it can be.

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