NAHETS Will Guarantee That Your Heavy Equipment Operators Have Necessary Skills

To date, more than 2,000 heavy equipment operators throughout the United States have been certified by North America Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS). What that means is no fewer than 2,000 heavy equipment operators are now creating safer work sites, achieving better results, and helping companies increase the bottom line because the NAHETS-certified operators are doing their job more effectively and efficiently than they would be doing it if they weren’t certified. NAHETS trainers will ensure your operators have achieved mastery level once they are certified.

photo 2 1.29.14“Besides being extremely proud of the operators that we have previously certified, we are thrilled to know that we are adding more and more certifications, continually,” says Jarad Van Wagoner, NAHETS Director of Development. “Because our training process is completely mobile, we can take it directly into the field where we can make the most dramatic difference. We are honored that companies are putting their trust in us to ensure that their operators are certified and ready to perform at the highest levels possible.”

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The ADEPT (ADaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing) certification program can be tailored to the exact needs of any company. Among the highlights of the domains that can be covered are: heavy equipment safety, general knowledge of heavy equipment, practical math applications, site layout (grades), soils, blueprint reading, basic earthmoving, backhoe, wheel loader, dozer, excavator, motor grader, etc.
We focus on the following outcomes for heavy equipment operators: identification of preventative measures for safety, knowing the dangers of working around an excavation area, knowing OSHA requirements, demonstrating knowledge of heavy equipment drive systems, demonstrating knowledge and ability to calculate volume and area, demonstrating knowledge about how to calculate and measure slope ratio and percent of grade, and others. For a more complete listing of outcomes please visit:

We appreciate our training partners and always listen to their thoughts (and greatly appreciate their praise!) We are proud company partners with large entities like CASE, John Deere, in addition to many other construction companies and contractors. Recently an executive from the well-respected Willbros Downstream attended a training session and was impressed with the outcome.

“Having recently attended the CCO crane training course for the large hydraulic swing-cab, I would like to take a moment to thank you and the other instructors from NAHETS,” wrote Matt Halderman, QA/QC Manager from Willbros Downstream based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “During the classroom time the instructor was very prepared and knowledgeable of the course study. The time was well spent on the things we needed to know. I highly recommend your courses to others and look forward to working with you and your instructors on future classes for Willbros Downstream`s employees.”

At NAHETS we are dedicated to helping your operators maximize their ability and knowledge. If you would like to discuss a custom training program for your company, please contact us at any time. Thanks for reading.


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