New Alliance for John Deere Re-affirms Vital Importance of Training and Education

John Deere and Dow AgroSciences recently created an innovative training alliance to maximize profits and improve the overall yield of farming projects. The companies are working together to develop approaches and technology that will deliver in-depth growth and agricultural data to farmers. The product of the alliance can then be shared with other companies to providing important planning and efficiency information.


The initiative is an important example of how ongoing training, at every employment level, and gathering the best information available can mean greater business success. This is especially true in the ever-evolving world of heavy equipment, construction, farming, and other related fields which employ heavy machinery and large scale projects. From proper heavy equipment training of hands-on personnel to management certifications to creating and maximizing cutting edge technology, there really is no substitute for proper preparation.

In 2012, John Deere introduced MyJohnDeere, a comprehensive information platform to help agricultural producers improve yields and operational efficiency by enabling the management of equipment data, production data and farm operations. This online platform allows producers to analyze yield variability, access decision support tools and collaborate with their agronomic advisers to improve their bottom line.

The new alliance with DowAgroSciences, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, will extend the depth of MyJohnDeere. “This collaboration is part of our strategy to deliver innovative Dow AgroSciences solutions tailored to each farmer’s specific environment,” said Larry Robertson, global corn project leader, Dow AgroSciences in a statement. “Exploring the promise of precision product placement is important to our customers and we are pleased to work with John Deere on approaches that ensure the best product and management tools are put to use on each acre.”


Precision and efficiency are key factors in every project and at every job site.  With razor-thin budgets and margins, every technological advantage can mean better products while a properly trained workforce means lowered risk and meeting project deadlines.  It all adds up to higher yield and larger profits. The mission of the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS) is based on the same goals and vision of the John Deere and DowAgroSciences partnership.

Not every project utilizes traditional heavy equipment like back hoes and bull dozers, in this case a new farming technology required a new training and NAHETS applauds the education effort.  NAHETS also prides itself on designing specialized training, appropriate evaluation methods and provide the certification programs to ensure a competent and proficient workforce. Working together, training and technology is important at every level.


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