New Lock to Combat Construction Thefts

Local construction companies in the Idaho Falls area are victims to thefts that cause thousands of dollars in losses. On a nationwide level, construction theft is believed to be a multi-billion dollar problem.

In opposition to these thefts, Joe Anderson, owner of Anderson Manufactures Incorporated, has designed a new lock that is expected to threaten the success of thieves. Anderson called his lock “indestructible,” but also pointed out it may not be impossible to break. More so than the ultimate answer against construction theft, his new lock is an upgrade from what exists currently. Most of the locks currently used break right off with a crow bar or similar tool, where as Anderson’s was “nearly impossible” to break off, and if it did, it took a lot longer to do it.

It would be foolish to believe that a lock will be the final competitor and stopper against construction theft, and Anderson points that out. However, with locks that are more durable, stronger, and harder to break, naturally it will be more difficult for thieves to steal. If nothing more, the new lock will fluster thieves for a time and prolong their efforts, but of course, Anderson is hoping for more than that.

Mass production of the new lock is expected to take place within the next month.

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