Pre and Post Assessments Mandatory for ADEPT Heavy Equipment Training

Are you ADEPT at assessing if the person operating your heavy equipment at this moment is truly qualified? Here at NAHETS, we use the word “adept” because we have created the ADEPT (Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing) Operator Assessment and Certification processes that will determine the status of your workers. Once assessed, a targeted and focused training system can be implemented which will guarantee your heavy equipment operators work safely at maximum efficiency in every phase. Click HERE for more information about NAHETS ADEPT Assessments.

Recently Jarad Van Wagoner, the Director of Development for the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS), wrote about the topic of qualified and competent workers. He also reminded all of us about the importance of ensuring that proper assessment and training methods are in place to help ensure maximum performance, safety, and profits. The strength of NAHETS is that our top-level trainers can implement training and assessments that will bring peace of mind to company owners, management, and front line workers. Not to mention improving the overall operation and profit margin.

NAHETS-excavator-heavy-equipment-certificationYour company’s path to improved operations can begin with our measured ADEPT processes. ADEPT Certification uses an outcome-based methodology. Based on industry standards, regulatory requirements, and the input of subject-matter experts, NAHETS developed a set of criteria and outcomes that describe the basic knowledge and skills needed to operate heavy equipment. Each outcome is measurable and each question and exercise comprising the assessment process is designed to measure the operator’s knowledge or skill in terms of one or more of the stated outcomes. As part of the validation process, each domain, outcome, and assessment tool has been reviewed by experienced subject matter experts and field-tested for accuracy and applicability.

The overriding philosophy at NAHETS is to assess, train, and then assess again to verify that the workers have achieved the appropriate levels. Proper results from an assessment and training will only occur if the results are measured, and through research and real-world experience, we have created some of the best measurement and assessment tools in the business.

The ADEPT processes are specifically designed to be flexible and to work within any business structure. Following the initial assessment, the certification process includes both practical and written exams that will reveal if workers demonstrate the mental and physical ability needed to be successful in real-world situations.

“Everything we do at NAHETS is geared towards maximizing the performance, safety, and profits of the companies who entrust us with their training and assessment processes in addition to allowing us to work with their most valuable asset, their employees,” says Robert Albano, NAHETS Chief Operating Officer. “We have certified and expert trainers at all of our associated colleges and they have both the academic and on-the-job experience needed to help workers become the best they can be.”5764-NAHETS-ADEPT-logo_03

Click now to check out more about our heavy equipment training certification and assessment processes.

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