ADEPT Ready Mix Truck Driver Courses

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS), in partnership with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), is pleased to announce the development of  a three-week curriculum to train and certify new ready mix concrete truck drivers.  Studies show that the concrete and ready mix industry faces a shortage of up to 20,000 qualified ready mix concrete truck drivers over the next three to five years, and the training program offered by NAHETS and its member schools is positioned to help the industry and the NRMCA produce qualified and safe ready mix concrete truck drivers.


Training and Assessments: An Outcome-Based Approach

Using an outcome-based approach to training and assessment, we have developed clear and distinct protocols that define what a proficient and safe ready-mix driver should know and what one needs to have to safely and effectively operate a ready-mix truck

NAHETS Ready Mix Concrete Driver Services

In order to meet the unique needs of the industry at multiple levels, we offer the following services in training, assessing, and certifying ready mix truck drivers:

Ready Mix Concrete Truck Driver Course

This is a three-week course, using both classroom and field training, to prepare drivers to pass their CDL B exams and, to train them how to operate the ready-mix truck. . In order to receive their ADEPT Ready Mix Concrete Truck Driver Certification, drivers must pass a set of written and practical exams to demonstrate their safety and proficiency on the truck. Additionally, we have integrated NRMCA’s Concrete Delivery Professional Certification program into our curriculum and certification requirements.

These courses will be offered at our member schools in Atlanta, GA; Oklahoma City, OK; and Stockton, CA.  For added convenience, NAHETS is also able to bring this training directly to the jobsite to train and certify your drivers on site.

ADEPT Ready Mix Concrete Truck Driver Certification

Experienced ready-mix truck drivers can earn their ADEPT Certification through their employers or on their own. This industry leading certification provides a third-party verification of the driver’s proficiency and safety on the truck. It is an excellent tool for employers to verify that their drivers are qualified and to provide valuable information to clients, insurers and other stakeholders to highlight an employer’s commitment to quality and safety.

ADEPT Ready Mix Concrete Truck Driver – Train the Trainer/Evaluator Course

This course is designed to teach your company trainer proper and effective ready mix driver training methods. Attendees will be taught the fundamentals of learning, communication, training methodology, and performance evaluation, along with the tools that will prepare your trainers to be ADEPT Certified Practical Examiners. With a certified practical examiner on staff ,you will be able to conduct practical exams and evaluations as your needs and schedule warrant. Trainers are required to pass the ready-mix truck driver written and practical exams as part of the certifying process. Certified ADEPT Evaluators are authorized to conduct ADEPT Ready Mix Concrete Truck Driver Certification practical exams with other operators. Our train the trainer course can also be conducted at your location.

ADEPT Ready Mix Concrete Truck Driver Assessments

Assessments are designed to determine the knowledge and skills of your current ready-mix truck drivers. Similar to the ADEPT Certification, these assessments are linked to stated outcomes. The ADEPT Assessment tools provide employers, drivers, and other stakeholders an indication of the driver’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, identifying and reporting areas of deficiency and necessary follow-up training. The assessment tools consist of a series of written and practical exams and may also be used to determine skill-based pay rates for drivers.

The ADEPT Driver Assessments are not the same as the ADEPT Driver Certification

ADEPT Ready Mix Concrete Truck Driver Pre-Employment Assessments

NAHETS also offers pre-employment assessments that are designed to assist in the hiring decision process. These assessments help determine the level or degree of expected knowledge, skills, and abilities of applicants for ready mix driver positions. The assessment tools consist of a series of written and practical exams. and may also be used to determine skill-based pay rates for new drivers.

The ADEPT Pre-Employment Assessments are not the same as the ADEPT Driver Certification.

We will begin scheduling courses, assessments, and certification programs in the very near future.

Please feel free to contact us immediately with questions and inquiries.

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