Recent and Upcoming NAHETS Events

As an exhibitor at the National Ready Mix Concrete Association’s (NRMCA) ConcreteWorks on September 22-24, the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS) had the opportunity to introduce its new line of services targeted at training and certifying new ready mix truck drivers.  With a pending shortage of up to 20,000 qualified ready mix truck drivers over the next three to five years, NAHETS is positioned to help the industry train and certify new drivers.

Booth at UT APWA conference

Booth at APWA conference in Utah


Meeting with industry leaders, NAHETS CEO Bob Albano,  and Director of Development Jarad Van Wagoner, discussed the upcoming courses at the NAHETS member schools as well as onsite training and certification opportunities.  Attendees were particularly interested in the “Train the Trainer” course that can be conducted at a client’s location.  The ADEPT Ready Mix Truck Driver course and certification was developed and implemented in partnership with the NRMCA.

On October 1-2, NAHETS exhibited at the Fall Conference and Stormwater Expo of the Utah Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) in Sandy, UT.  It was an opportunity to highlight the training and certification services for heavy equipment operators as well as to support the efforts of the UT APWA.

Over the next two months, NAHETS will attend and/or exhibit at the following conferences and trade shows:

–          Mine Safety & Health Conference, Las Vegas, NV, October 21-23.

–          Utah Department of Transportation Annual Conference, Sandy, UT, November 5-7.

–          International Risk Management Institute Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, November 17-21.

Please feel free to drop by our booth at an upcoming conference or let us know if you would like to meet.  Also, please let us know of other exhibiting opportunities.

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