Assess, Train, Verify

How do you know that a prospective employee has the skills you need to meet the demands of your jobsite? NAHETS has the answer.

We bring our reality-based testing methods directly to your worksite to evaluate a job candidate’s knowledge and operational skill level.


The ADEPT Heavy Equipment Operator Pre-Assessment Report gauges current strengths and weaknesses providing a snapshot of what prospective operators know and their ability to accomplish specific tasks.


Using the results of the initial assessment, we develop a targeted training plan to address the areas of improvement. NAHETS can work directly with your operators of provide your staff with the tools to implement your own procedures.


After the training program is completed, the ADEPT Heavy Equipment Operator Post-Assessment will retest employees and identify any remaining areas of concern. NAHETS will then produce a detailed report with initial scores, the administered training, and the final results.

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