Stolen $26,000 Backhoe Driven Through Fence

As Texas Authorities searched the Area of Gregg County after a stolen backhoe had been reported, there was an accident reported in which a Volvo backhoe had been driven through a fence along with several other pieces of heavy equipment.

Lt. Mike Claxton said his office investigated the theft of a Volvo backhoe from 10730 Texas Highway 149 on Friday which was driven through a fence and loaded on a trailer.

volvo backhoe

“This is the third reported heavy equipment theft in this area of the County since May 29,” Claxton said today.

Investigators that have been working on the case are just waiting for more information on the crash.

“These are significant valued thefts,” Claxton said. “The Volvo backhoe is valued at over $26,000.”

The Investigators are looking everywhere for information on the thefts.

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