The Three Vital Steps to Ensure Heavy Equipment Operators Are Properly Trained

It’s safe to assume that every construction company in the world wants to know that their heavy equipment operators are doing every facet of the job properly and to the best of their ability. What isn’t so simple is establishing a system that verifies the ability and training level of each heavy equipment operator.

Until now.

We here at North America Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS) have created a verification and training process that guarantees to improve the performance of workers. The three vital steps that make our ADEPT Certification and training process successful are: Assess, Train, Re-assess. Sounds simple, but as with anything, true success lies in the details.

Trainer- small“Wishing your workers are properly trained and actually implementing a proper program are two completely different things,” says NAHETS Executive, Jarad Van Wagoner. “We know that all companies mean well and want to have the best-trained staff, but we also know that creating and managing a training process may seem like too daunting of a process for many companies. What we want companies to realize is that we can design and tailor a training program, teach or implement the program, provide all collateral materials, assess and re-assess the workers, and then provide an official ADEPT certification after completion of the course. We are a one-stop, comprehensive heavy equipment training company and will make implementing your training program as easy as a dozer picking up sand.”


The ADEPT Heavy Equipment Operator Pre-Assessment Report gauges current strengths and weaknesses providing a snapshot of what prospective operators know technically, and their ability to accomplish specific tasks, operationally.


Using the results of the initial assessment, we develop a targeted training plan to address the areas of improvement. NAHETS can work directly with your operators or provide your staff with the tools to implement your own procedures.


After the training program is completed, the ADEPT Heavy Equipment Operator Post-Assessment will re-test employees and identify any remaining areas of concern. NAHETS will then produce a detailed report with initial scores, the administered training, and the final results.

What is ADEPT certification? The ADaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing program uses a testing and certification process that uses an outcome-based assessment approach, which provides an objective evaluation that meets industry and regulatory standards while accurately measuring operator knowledge and abilities, including:

– Basic operations, safety and maintenance

– Site layout, soils and practical math

– Blueprint reading and general construction knowledge

– Staging and set up

– Proper execution and accuracy in maintaining lines and depth

Call or email us today to get started with your custom training program. We can bring our system direct to your jobsites or you can bring your workers to our location. Soon your team will be hitting on all cylinders, just like your heavy equipment itself.



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