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NAHETS training programs for heavy equipment operation have been developed through more than a decade of direct experience working with experienced operators, equipment manufacturers, contractors and novice students. We begin with classroom activities designed to introduce students to the mathematical and conceptual criteria essential for understanding how the equipment functions and how the physical environment of the jobsite impacts equipment operation. We then move on to actual hands-on operation of the basic heavy metal machines, stressing not only the procedural operations, but also equipment mechanics and safety awareness.

For developers and contractors with an extensive workforce who wish to implement their own jobsite training programs, we can provide the same proven vocational curriculum to your trainers and your construction team. You can ensure that new hires, as well as more experienced workers, have received appropriate ADEPT skill instruction, along with a measurable evaluation of expertise and aptitude that leads to NAHETS certification.

Contact us today. We’ll review your specific needs and objectives, and prepare a curriculum package that gives you direct control over jobsite performance.



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Training curriculum covers:

Cranes Dozers
Excavators Backhoes
Graders Wheel loaders


For more specialized equipment training needs, contact us.