Training the Trainer Could Be Your Company’s Best Move of the Year

What would it be worth to a company to have a management and training staff that is certified by a sanctioned and respected organization like the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS)? It’s arguably so valuable that there is no way to completely measure the positive impact. But the fact is when a company ensures that the employees who communicate and train other staff are at the top of their game the benefits trickle down exponentially.

Profits will increase. Insurance and worker’s compensation claims will decrease. Jobs will go smoother. When jobs go more smoothly, additional projects can be started thus bringing in more revenue. Clients will be happier. Employees will work more cohesively. Employee injuries will decrease.

In a day and age of the construction industry when nearly every penny counts on a project or bid, it’s vital for a company’s success and survival to put in place best practices wherever possible – training the trainer is one of the best and most impactful investment options available.

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NAHETS offers the Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing (ADEPT) Certification and Assessment suite of products and services that will get a company on the right path or ensure that all staff and employees are trained on an ongoing basis.

The ADEPT Heavy Equipment Operator Certification and Assessment is designed to measure the knowledge and skills of an operator against industry and/or regulatory standards and expectations, using a validated and transparent testing process. Built on years of certification, assessment, and training experience, the ADEPT process verifies that operators are safe and effective within the scope of their expected responsibilities.

Specifically, the ADEPT Train-the-Trainer Course is a two to three day class. The course is designed to provide your trainers and managers the tools they need to train operators effectively. During the classroom portion of the course trainers will be taught the following modules:  Learning, Communication, Leadership and Group Dynamics, Classroom Management, Teaching Strategies, and Evaluation Techniques. The second day of the course takes place in the field with heavy equipment. The trainers learn evaluation techniques and are required to take and pass practical exams on the actual piece of equipment. In order to be a Certified ADEPT Trainer/Evaluator, the trainers must pass both the written and practical ADEPT exams. Certified ADEPT Evaluators are authorized to conduct ADEPT Heavy Equipment Operator Certification practical exams with other operators. (A third day may be necessary to complete practical exams, depending on the number of attendees and types of equipment.)

So, you have to ask yourself: how valuable is having the best-trained staff and employees in the market? The one word answer? Invaluable.

Call NAHETS today to get your company enrolled and on the way to ultimate success. 

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